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Benjamin F Calvert III

Memories of the Sun, CBG

I am constantly taking photographs of flowers and gardens. It is a passion that evolved from requests from my father and grandmother. They used the images for their art, and now I use them for mine. Family trips frequently included stops at gardens. We are fortunate in Chicago to have many extraordinary gardens within a relatively short distance.


One of my favorite destinations is the Chicago Botanic Garden. I have some wonderful shots of sunflowers, the main subject in this series, taken there. When my brother requested that I create a print for his pediatric medical office, I chose this subject. The flowers are big and bold in life as they are on paper. His office walls were yellow, so I reversed the petals and highlights.


Paper selection at Graphic Chemical in Villa Park transformed me back into a kid in a candy store, delighting in the touch of the varied textures of paper available. The size of the block was a challenge. A 60-meter roll of Kozuki paper was necessary to accommodate the width. Resourcefulness allowed my confidence to grow as a printmaker.


Later, when my brother’s family moved into a new house, “Hawaiian Style” in this series became the natural housewarming present.


Immediately upon scheduling my solo show at Elmhurst Artists’ Guild, I knew that I would print the rest of the ‘flower’. Like the anticipation of the reveal of ink from block to paper, I have waited for the exciting moment to share this ensemble of four prints becoming one in this gallery.


Ensemble of four unique prints

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